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Our product range includes a wide range of MS Centering Plates and Construction Centering Plates.

Technical details

Manufactured using steel tubes conforming to IS1239/1161YST 210 Standard.Outer tubes 50NB (60.3mm OD) medium class. Inner tubes 40NB (48.3mm OD) medium class. Provied with zpecial locking. Standard High/beam head.


  • Quick Eruption
  • Many Repetation
  • Long Life & Economical
  • Strong and safe
Size Min Height Max Height Load at Load at
JP 1.0 mts 1.75 mts 3.5 Tons 3 Tons
1P 1.5 mts 2.75 mts 3.2 Tons 2.3 Tons
2P 2.00 mts 3.25 mts 3.0 Tons 2.2 Tons
3P 2.00 mts 3.75 mts 2.9 Tons 2.0 Tons
4P 3.00 mts 4.80 mts 2.3 Tons 1.15 Tons


  • Press bent sheets IS tested 14 G
  • Angle Welded sheets 1 4 Gauge with angle 25x25x5mm plug welded.
  • 14 G sheets with box stiffeners
  • 12 G sheets with two rib stiffeners
  • Perfect corner rigidity
  • Easy Handling
  • Adj. in 14 G/12 G Sheets
  • Special sizes on request
Size mm Span mm Max Slab Thickness(mm)
1150*600 1150 900 upto 250mm above 250mm

Angle Welded Sheet

    Adjusters sheets size
  • 1. 1 50x350mm
  • 2. 900x350mm


Cuplock Scaffolding in manufactured with qualit structure as well as access scaffolding. Verticale ars provided with cup joints welded at 500 mm intervals. Captive mobile top cups are forged to withstand rough handling at site. Bottom cups are pressed with high quality steel. Ends are provided with 150 mm long spigot for continous connections. SpgClal features of cuplock scaffotding are its unique method of erecting ledgers artd transforms to the verticale in one single action without eye clamps and bolts. Verticals 3M/2.SM/2.OM/1.5M/ 1.OM.


  • Made out of 40 mm NB IS tested med / heavy cläss. tubes (48.3 mm 0.D)
  • Ledgers / Horizontals have similar forqed blade ends.
  • Föur horizontals to be fixed in single operätion. “ To fix top cup, only a hammer is required.
  • Sizes : 2.SM/2.OM/1.83M/1.22M


Adjustable jack suitable forad/ustment either at top or bottom 10.0mm@00mm adjus1ment

Intermediate hañzontat tn between support, whenever necessary to support scaflbld baards.


  • Simple and economical method of support.
  • High load bearing capacity.
  • Maximum strength and safety.
  • Eliminates use of timber.
  • Minimum storage space
  • Minimises use of vertical supports.

Adjustable span has one outer and one inner Member which are latticed to impart strength and can be adjusted for variable span lengths and secured by locking bolt. This versatile system can be supported only at ends gîvìng free access below.

Size Range, Min.m Range, Max.m
ESO+ESI 1.75 2.70
SO+ESI 2.4O 3.45
SO+SI 2.46 4.15
SO+LI 3.05 4.75
LO+LI 3.15 5.50
LO+SI 3.15 4.90

Spacing Table

Allowable span for centre line spacing
Slab thickness 300mm 600mm 900mm 1150mm
100 8000 5030 4600 4000
115 7800 5500 4450 3850
125 7550 5300 4300 3750
150 7100 5000 4050 3550
180 6700 4750 3850 3350
200 6400 4500 3650 3200
250 5900 4100 3350 2800
300 5450 3700 3150 2450


Standard unit consists of two verticals and one horizontal cross bar made out of 48 3mm OD tubes either in Heavy or Medium lass 5ß mm heavy ctass sockets are welded to vertica\s tor fixing unlts one over the other.

  • Two verricals and one cross bar-one unit
  • Spigot joint units also available
  • Lugs at every 500mm C/C
  • Tubes as per IS 1161 /lS 1239
Between crossbars/ ledgers Safe Axial Load Size Total UDL in kgs Center point load
2mtrs 2700 750 750 400
1.5mtrs 3000 1220 500 250
1.0mtrs 3500 1850 250 150

Wall form work accessories

Turnbuckles and Angle brackets Turnbuckles and angle brackets are used to strengthen
the wall form and keep the alignment intact and also help the laborers to stand and work
at great heights.


Used by builders throughóut the world for constructing columns, beams, circular walls, silos, tanks, dams, docks, tunnels and precast constructions.

  • All types of wall forms made out of 1.2 G IS tested sheets with 45X45X5 mm angle.
  • Wall form panels are also made with angles 45x45x4mm
  • Rectangular slots in all sides to match holes at different positions.
  • Sheets to angle plug welded.
  • Channel soldiers am made in various specification
  • 10g skin plate 5òxso«smm ane!e
  • 12g skin plate 45x45x5mm angle for special panels
  • Channel Soldiers 2500mm long


Cribs are used alternative to Scaffolding. Cribs are known to take decent loads compared to scaffolding. Cribs are manufactured using 50 x 50 x 5mm angle or 65 x 65 x 5mm angle

600 x600 x 3000m 500 x 500 x 3000m 500 x 500 x 2000m 500 x 500 x 1000m